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This website is restricted and you will need permission to be a member and use the resources contained within it.

Did you miss today's lesson?

Didn't you get the homework?

Don't's all here!!!

What you need to study to catch up, what homework you need to do before your next lesson, which videos or web pages you can use to extend your's all RIGHT HERE!!! Even tips for the tests...if you look carefully ; )

Just go to the page for your class/subject and all of the information you need is probably there. If it's not, then email me at:


Click on your class

...or click above on the unit you wish to study e.g. P1, and this will take you to a general page for this unit with links to helpful websites and YouTube videos.

Epraise-worthy questions and collaborative learning forum

Please don't tell me your computer is/was broken. The school has lots of computers and if you don't want to use the school library , then consider using your local library or one close to the school (where?! libraries near your postcode)

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